Richie Sikra
Developer | Designer | Creator
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About StarDive

StarDive was my first game that I created completely by myself. It took a total of 3 months to complete. To me this game is a lot better than my very first game Aeroflight, the development process went very well because I planned everything out 100% and made a prototype to make sure everything would work properly and be fun.

When I started this game, I actually knew how to program and establish a great work-flow, so as an end result I was able to create a great game, probably my favorite game I have created so far. (As of 12/27/15)

The description on the IOS app store

Encounter and destroy multiple different asteroids with numerous effects, Get paid by the government for eliminating the asteroids and use your money wisely to devise a strategy by building a powerful turret strong enough to erase the asteroids from existence.

Tap to shoot; hold for automatic. Don't get hit by the asteroids, and most of all, save the world from catastrophe.

Hope you enjoy playing a completely free game. Free of ads, and free of In app purchases. By playing this game you are supporting my hobby and my future.