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About the Lightshow Framework

The creation of this framework was started on the 23rd of December 2015. The development came to a complete stop in May, 2016 (~5 total months of development). The development of this project was halted due to the fact that I wanted to focus on creating a game, and not a framework.

In short form: the Lightshow framework has been completed, but the game being made from/with this framework has not been completed.

Here is a list of some of the frameworks current features :

  1. 3D skeletal animation with a custom binary exporter that reads .dae and .obj file types and exports my own custom binary file. (written in little endianness)
  2. Directional shadow mapping
  3. Runtime GLSL modifications
  4. Implementation of Bullet Physics (with debug draw)
  5. Audio and music support
  6. Text rendering and custom binary file importer and exporter (with byte order swapping for big endian systems)
  7. Phong shading
  8. Point lights
  9. Diffuse shading
  10. Directional lights
  11. Omnidirectional shadow mapping
  12. Particle systems with instanced rendering

Make sure to check out my blog for more information regarding the game that I'm going to create with this framework.